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Vice President Dong-Jhy Hwang



Vice President Dong-Jhy Hwang photo


                   Dong-Jhy HWANG                   

         Address250 Wenhua 1st Road, Kueishan, Taoyuan,

Tel03-3283201 Ext 8629 or 1606(O)

Email: tony@ntsu.edu.tw                 




2018-present  Vice-president, NTSU.

2015-2018  Dean, College of PE, NTSU.

2013-2015   Professor, Graduate Institute of PE, NTSU.

2005-2013  Professor and Director, Graduate Institute of PE, NTSU, Taiwan


1995–2005  Associate Professor Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan  


1993–1994            Lecturer, Da-Yeh University, Taiwan               



1998–2003          PhD, University of Stirling,          UK

1990–1992          MA, University of Warwick,        UK

1980–1984  BEd, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan




2017-present National delegates of Taiwan for the FIEP (FÉDÉRATION INTERNATIONALE D´ÉDUCATION PHYSIQUE)

2016-2017 Curator, Sports Museum, NTSU.

2012-2018 Extended Board for ISSA (International Sociology of Sport Association)

2016-present Editorial board for International Review for the Sociology of Sport

2016-present Editorial board for Asia Pacific Journal of Sport and Social Science

2009-2013 President, Taiwan Society of Sport Sociology


2006-present Member of Educational Committee, Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee

2009-present Chief Editor EAST (East Asian Sport Thoughts: the International Journal for the Sociology of Sport)




2012-2013 Editorial Board, Sports and Exercise Research (TSSCI)

2006-present Editor Sport Studies  

1.     Yueh-Er Chen, Dong-Jhy Hwang and Li-Ke Chang, “Sport and social boundaries: An analysis of Taishang slow-pitch softball leagues”, East Asian Sport Thoughts, Volume 5, 2017: 1-28.

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4.     Dong-Jhy Hwang (2015) Assessing the Sociology of Sport: On Ethnicity and Nationalism in Taiwanese baseball, International Review of Sociology of Sport, Volume 50, No. 4-5, June-August 2015: 483-489 (SSCI)

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7.   Dong-Jhy Hwang, Alan Bairner, Kathleen Heitzman, and  Wei-Cheng Chiu (2011) “Sport, National Identity, and Taiwan's Olympic History” in The Olympic in East Asia, pp119-146. (Book chapter)

8.        Li-Ke Chang, Dong-Jhy Hwang, and Chia Yen Yu (2009) “Ethnicity, Leisure and Socail Boundaries: An Analysis of Taishang Slow-pitch Softball Leagues in Mainland China” in Journal of Outdoor Recreation Study, 22(4): 55-80.

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13.      Grant Jarvie, Dong-Jhy Hwang and Mel Brennan (2008) Sport, Revolution and the Beijing Olympics, Oxford, Berg, April 2008.


Conference papers and invited address


1.       Dong-Jhy Hwang (2017) “Sport, International Development and Postcolonialismkeynote speech for the 1st International Conference of NIFS International Sport Academy, Conference Theme: International Sports promotion and Development—Global Issue and New Idea in Sport and Olympics, Kagoshima, Japan.22 September 2017.

2.       Dong-Jhy Hwang (2017) “Sport and International Development: A brief introduction” keynote speech for the 2017 FISU World Conference on Development trough Sport in Taipei. 29 August 2017.

3.        Dong-Jhy Hwang (2017) “Sport and Political Ideology: A critical analysis of Taekwondo in Taiwan” invited panel presention for the 6th International Symposium for Taekwondon Studies, Muju, South Korea. 29-30 June 2017.

4.         Dong-Jhy Hwang (2015)  “Supporting diversity of sport in “non-western” regions and organisations”, Special Panel Presentation for ISSA 50th year Anniversary World Congress in Paris. 9-12 June 2015.

5.         Dong-Jhy Hwang (2014) “Japanese Imperialism and Judo in Taiwan”, III Congress of History and Sport: Sport and War, University of Lisbon, Lisbon. 29-30 May 2014.

6.        Dong-Jhy Hwang  (2013) “In the Shadow of National Glory: Taiwan Aboriginal Baseball in the Politics of Identity”, Special seminar for Sport and Nationalism in Asia: Power, Politics and Identity. National University of Ireland. 18-19 April 2013.

7.        Dong-Jhy Hwang  (2012) “Sport, Physical Culture and Globalization in Taiwan: Some Preliminary Thoughts”, 2012 International Congress for the Memory of 88' Seoul Olympics, Mokpo University, 21st August 2012.

8.        Dong-Jhy Hwang & Chin-Liang HO (2011) “The Formation of Modern Sport and Nationalism in South Korea" as an oral presentation. 2011 conference Havana, Cuba.

9.        W. C. Chiou & Dong-Jhy Hwang (2010) "Colonization, Modernity and Bodily practice - The Baseball History of Taiwan Indigenous People (1895-2009)", as an oral presentation. Annual Conference of European Association for Sociology of Sport, Faculty of Sport, University of Porto. 2010/05/05-09.

10.    Dong-Jhy Hwang (2009) “Sport and movement cultures - developments and practices in a globalized world from a Taiwanese Perspective” keynote address and chairperson. 17-21 August, Summer School, Copenhagen University, Denmark.

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