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2019 IOC Trophy-- Sport and Sustainable Architecture

2019 IOC Trophy-- Sport and Sustainable Architecture

News Release

Sustainable Development of Sport Architecture    
Demonstration of Our Sports Strength in the World

This afternoon, the Chairman of Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee Hong-Dow Lin presented the Sport and Sustainable Architecture Award of the International Olympic Committee to President Ping-Kun Chiu of National Taiwan Sport University (NTSU), in recognition of the contribution and achievements of NTSU to the sustainable sport architecture.

Since 1985, the International Olympic Committee has established the International Olympic Committee awards, and each year, the theme of this award varies according to the trend. The purpose of this award is to recognize people who have contributed to this field in various countries, and the NOCs are invited to select and recommend candidates. The theme of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) awards in 2019 is "sport and sustainable architecture", and the award objects are sports buildings (sports facilities, sports organization headquarters, sports clubs, training centers, etc.) that are consistent with the promotion of sustainable development and clean energy. It is expected that improving young people's awareness through education and empowerment will encourage them to protect the earth by promoting and developing publicity activities for environmental protection awareness, the concept of recycling, and the use of pollution-free building materials.

After IOC announced the selection information of the award, the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee immediately sent a letter to all county and municipal government units and sports-related universities in Taiwan, inviting them to recommend the most representative buildings in their county, city, or universities that meet the purpose of the award theme, and released the selection information on the official website for the purpose of nomination to IOC after evaluation.

As of the deadline, we received recommendations from four universities, and then, convened experts and scholars related to the environment and sports industry to have a selection meeting for this award. We decided to present the award to NTSU, as it has a number of sustainable facilities and is committed to the development of Olympic education and campus spirit.

Founded in 1987, NTSU is responsible for cultivating elite athletes in Taiwan, maintaining the environment and venues in the sports park for public visits, providing elite athletes' training, Olympic education, competition, Olympic sports promotion, and elite disabled athletes' training. Since its founding, the University has trained national team athletes to win hundreds of medals for Taiwan in international competitions. The university is also an important green park in the Linkou designated section of the urban plan. The planning and construction of the venues were carried out after in-depth consideration of the natural environment, the feasibility of sustainable operations, and rigorous environmental assessment. NTSU, which is one of the leading sports institutions in Taiwan, is committed to cultivating sports talents, and has the foresight to demonstrate the spirit of the sustainable development of Olympic Games. The campus was planned based on green buildings and energy conservation, and during the initial establishment of many venues, the green building logo was applied to provide people with a perfect venue for sports and leisure activities.  

In the application document, NTSU specially recommended the track-and-field ground which was built in 2011. The track-and-field ground has successfully gained the “EEWH” Certification recognized by the Taiwan government. It is of silver label and met with the greenery index of Green architecture. Its features including preservation of water, daily energy saving function and reduction of carbon dioxide, the geographical formation, reflecting the local cultural specialties. The grandstand of the main stadium has multiple functions and distinctive shapes, which embody the higher education concepts of the sports, leisure, humanities, and health of NTSU in its environmental construction. Based on the architectural environment design and educational concept, the campus has an indivisible and continuous overall environmental atmosphere, which creates an elegant cultural environment that adapts to local conditions and diversifies, reflecting the nature of the Sports Museum and NTSU buildings.

The library where the Sports Museum is located was completed in 2013. It also passed the certification of "greenery, Rainwater Conservation, daily energy saving, carbon dioxide, reduction of waste, interior surrounding, water resource, and improvement of waste water", and gained the “Golden Label “ of EEWH Certification. Taiwan's first comprehensive Sports Museum is set up on the 5th floor of the library, and special exhibitions of sports-related cultural relics are held from time to time. The 2020 Olympics will be held in Tokyo. The Sports Museum specially cooperated with the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee and several university museums in Taiwan to hold a joint exhibition with the Olympics as the main theme, which introduces the site of an ancient Greek Olympic arena, the features of previous Olympic Games, and the Olympic spirit to the public through posters and cultural relics. At present, digital Sports Museum collections are also being developed, which are intended to provide the public and international visitors with a better understanding of the history of competitive sports in Taiwan.  

In recent years, NTSU has continued to cooperate with the Ministry of Education to promote the "2-year solar photoelectric promoting plan", and has successively built solar power generation equipment in libraries, teaching and research buildings, comprehensive buildings, student restaurants, student dormitories, and sports centers. In this way, teachers and students can be educated about the sustainability of energy use and the environment, as well as the importance of creating green energy and low-carbon environments, in order to build a green energy campus, sustainable solar photovoltaic energy, sustainable campus landscapes, and ecological environment spirit, thus, achieving the ultimate goal of a sustainable campus.

NTSU applied to the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee with the theme of "Sports Green Building and Energy Saving Campus", which is in line with the sustainable operation purpose of the award. In the future, the University will devote itself to creating a suitable field for sports, leisure, and recreation, and an international impression of sports and ecological friendliness through the exchange of international competitions and leisure sports.

Press contact:
Ting Mu, Deputy Supervisor, Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee    
(02) 87711387        tinamiao@tpe-olympic.org.tw
Cheng-ling Chen, Supervisor, National Taiwan Sport University 
(03) 3283201 Ext. 1402 ginkgo@ntsu.edu.tw

2019 IOC Trophy-- Sport and Sustainable Architecture
 Awarding Ceremony

Time    Length    Content
14: 00-14: 30    (30 minutes)    Attendance of VIPs and reporters 
14: 30-14: 32    (02 minutes)    Commencement of the ceremony
14: 32-14: 42    (10 minutes)    Introduction (host) - Background of this award
14: 42-14: 52    (10 minutes)    Speech by the nominator r/ Chairman Hong-Dow Lin, Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee 
14: 52-14: 55    (03 minutes)    Awarding the 2019 IOC Trophy - Sport and Sustainable Architecture /Chairman Hong-Dow Lin VS President Ping-Kun Chiu
14: 55-15: 05    (10 minutes)    Speech by the awardee / President Ping-Kun Chiu, National Taiwan Sport University 
15: 05-15: 15    (10 minutes)    Speech by the distinguished guest/Director of Sports, Ministry of Education
15: 15-15: 16    (01 minute)      End of the ceremony
15: 16-15: 26    (10 minutes)    Group photo
15: 26-15: 46    (20 minutes)    Press interview
15: 46                                          Departure

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